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When a couple separates, it is important to preserve the family bonds that allow the child to flourish.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) recognises the right of every child to maintain family relationships as long as these do not endanger his or her well-being.

ISS Switzerland provides information and advice on parental rights and responsibilities. On behalf of a court or a child protection authority, we can assess the personal situation of a child abroad and make recommendations concerning the custody and the maintenance of family ties. Additionally, we help organising visiting rights and acknowledging paternity.

In cooperation with the authorities ISS Switzerland assists in the collection of alimony payments between Switzerland and a foreign country, or vice versa. We advise parents on socio-legal and administrative aspects, remind them of their responsibilities towards their child(ren) and evaluate the possibilities of a transnational family mediation in conflict situations.

Our services
  • Social evaluation of a parent in Switerzland and abroad
  • Re-establishing child-parent contact
  • Organising visiting rights
  • Socio-legal information on the collection of alimony payments
  • Analysis of the personal and financial situation of the parent liable for maintenance payments
  • International family mediation