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  • Coordination of cantonal pilot projects

ISS Switzerland coordinates pilots initiated by cantonal authorities on topics such as children's rights or migration. We are mandated with these projects based on our expertise in interdisciplinary approaches, our international network of professionals and experts and our global network in 120 countries worldwide.


Since 2019, ISS Switzerland is mandated by the Geneva Cantonal Detention Office to facilitate the voluntary return of prisoners who lose their residence status upon the fulfilment of their sentence. The RESTART programme offers beneficiaries to accompany their return with an economic reintegration project. They prepare the project themselves before leaving and carry it out with the help of a local person or organisation. The programme is implemented in cooperation with the Geneva Red Cross Service of Assisted Return.

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Pilot Consensus Parental Canton of Valais

Since 2020, ISS Switzerland has been coordinating the pilot Consensus Parental in the canton of Valais with the courts of Monthey, Martigny and Entremont, the KESBs of these districts, the Valais Bar Association, the Valais Mediation Association and the Association of Psychologists of Valais. This interdisciplinary project directs parents who want to separate or divorce to mediation or accompaniment of shared parenting. The aim of the project is to prevent parental high conflict in order to protect the children involved.

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Pilot Consensus Parental Canton of Vaud

Since 2022, ISS Switzerland has been working with the canton of Vaud to implement a similar pilot as in the Canton of Valais.

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